Got me tweeting

I never really got Twitter, but today Ross Mounce came into Imperial College and gave a talk about his life after his degree (others did too, but I found his the most intriguing) and the idea of Open Access. After his talk, I spoke to him more informally, and he told me about #icanhazpdf. So have you ever wanted to read a journal article but can’t because you need a subscription? Here’s your solution. Just post what you need and your email address, and hopefully someone would be kind enough to see your request and send it to you. It’s not technically legal but that should only add to its coolness. Of course it’d help if you know people from Twitter. Wikipedia also has a similar thing called Resource Exchange but that’s only if you contribute to Wikipedia.

So yeh…that got me onto Twitter. #icanhazpdf


One thought on “Got me tweeting

  1. See also for paper requests.

    Should you want to know more about openness in academia, I’d recommend you read my piece here that attempts to explain the need for Open Access, Open Data, Open Source (code) and OERs!

    It was great to talk to you yesterday & I wish you all the best in your undergrad degree!

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